Traveling Chalice/Traveling Crucifix Program for Vocations

In the effort to promote vocations in our parishes and Catholic schools, the Serra Club of Johnson County is dusting off a program with an invitation to area parishes to consider beginning a Traveling Chalice/Traveling Crucifix program. Read on for details,

Traveling Chalice Parish Program for Vocations

The Traveling Chalice Program is a simple, effective way to involve parishioners in the effort to promote vocations. (It should be noted that the program can also be done using a crucifix; we shall refer to a chalice here for the purposes of explaining how the program is implemented.)

On Sunday, an individual—or a couple or family—takes the chalice home for the week. Passing the chalice into the hands of the recipient(s) can be done in different ways. For example, the presentation can be done by the parish priest at the end of Mass or the chalice can be picked up in the sacristy after Mass. The recipient(s) then take the chalice home, placing it in a prominent location within the home, where it is visible to the individual, couple, or family, every day. Time is set aside every day to pray, either individually or as a family, for vocations over one week's time. Suggested prayers are provided through the program. A journal can accompany the chalice, with entries made by participants about their prayer experience. The journal can become the source of additional vocations efforts by the parish.

The chalice is either returned to the parish on the Friday following receipt or returned the following Sunday at the appointed Mass where it is passed to the next household. A schedule of recipients/participants can be developed. 

Traveling Crucifix Catholic Education Program for Vocations

The Traveling Crucifix Program for Religious Education provides students in Catholic elementary schools and CCD programs with a significant focal point for daily prayer in the family and for conversation about the importance of vocations. In this program, a crucifix (a chalice can be used in this program, as well) is selected to “travel” with (a)  selected student(s) each week. The student(s) commit to pray for vocations daily with the family. As in the parish program, suggested prayers will be provided by the Serra Club.

This is another wonderful and easy-to-organize way to involve young people in praying for vocations and to teach them about what is a vocation. The effort will also unite the family in perpetual prayer for priests and consecrated life. As with the Traveling Chalice Program, a journal can accompany the crucifix, with entries made by participants about their prayer experiences and learning about vocations. The journal can become the source of additional vocations efforts by the parish.

This program and the Traveling Chalice Program have enjoyed growing popularity around the country. Check in with your parish and/or school. If no program exists where you are, contact us at and we will help in building one!